His life is a story - as is every life.
So, instead of listing all the agencies he's worked at, the accounts he's written for and the awards he's won
(although he may just sneak those in somewhere too), he writes a few short and hopefully interesting stories about his life in advertising. They're fact, not fiction. There are no fairy stories here.


Born to write.

In which the author tells the reader all about himself.
In which our hero mounts his soapbox.
In which the scribe plots his latest moves.
In which he drives home his car experience.
In which the writer tries his best to cash in.
In which the writer flies high.
  In which he shows that charities begin at home.
  In which he immodestly displays some other ideas.
In which he discusses the baubles he has won.
In which a writer turns into an author.
In which our hero makes himself readily available.