What does he believe?

Writing isn't brain surgery, but it is a genuine craft. And too many unqualified people today believe they have the skills to practise that craft - in particular business managers, technical experts and marketing executives.

All too often their words are unclear and unintelligible, clichéd and ungrammatical, or lacking in consumer empathy and selling power. The cost to their companies is enormous.

In terms of consumer frustration - they're unable to decipher an instruction leaflet. In terms of consumer boredom - they're unable to stay awake over a mission statement. In terms of sheer incomprehension - they are unable to understand a so-called creative commercial.

The answer is simple: leave writing to the professionals. Even better, leave it to old professionals with a wealth of experience - like me. Writers may age, but well-written sentences never.

Clients need to be absolutely clear about what they want to say and to whom they want to say it.

Then they should allow a professional writer to communicate their message clearly, forcefully and in an interesting way. With a great, selling idea.

Clients who say, “Why do I need a writer? Why should I pay a writer $1,000 when I can bash something out at the office myself?” are in real danger of ending up communicating as poorly as that General in World War 1 who dispatched a messenger to headquarters with the order:

“Send reinforcements, we’re going to advance.”

By the time it had been passed from one runner to the next, it eventually reached HQ as:

“Send three-and-fourpence, we’re going to a dance.”

Who said people don't read long copy ads? Juries do at any rate: this won a D&AD Silver for copywriting. It also caused unprecedented public comment and helped a lot of people.
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My reputation is, and always has been, for making complicated subjects intelligible and accessible to the average reader. I've written for hundreds of different products and services, but in particular for finance and cars.

I have written television commercials, press and magazine advertisements, posters, radio commercials, point of sale, web pages and banners, direct mail, brochures and leaflets, annual reports, company books, bookmarks, even a novel (due out in October 2010).

No job is too big or too small for me.