The world's favourite copywriter?

I've written commercials for British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Garuda and Ansett.

At Saatchi's, London I was given the task of writing the follow-up to the famous Manhattan commercial (in which that city was literally seen to fly in and land at Heathrow). So I wrote a commercial showing how British Airways brings the people of the world together.

The White Cliffs of Dover sail across the Channel onto the beaches of northern France (in my tribute to Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin, a mother runs down to the water's edge and grabs her child to safety), passengers in a Japanese bullet train (Mount Fuji in the background) hurtle past cowboys in Wyoming, and a Russian icebreaker bulldozes its way through an ice-blocked Grand Canal in Venice watched by the café crowd in the Piazza San Marco.

Everyone loved it, including Lord King, the head of BA. Unfortunately, the airline had only recently gone public and the Board decided that spending £2 million plus on a television commercial would not go down well with investors. (How short-sighted is that!) So it was canned, even though the agency and the production company managed to get the price down to an absolute bargain basement £1,500,000.

Then another copywriter, the little known Graham Fink, wrote "The Face" commercial, in which hundreds of people form a smiling BA face in the desert. It cost just over a million, and most of the agency thought it was a very ordinary, clichéd idea that simply replicated what had been done at countless Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

Which is similar to what I’d say about Australia’s favourite commercial in 2006, "The Big Ad" for Carlton Draught. But that’s another story.