Connect Financial

How to do a financial planning campaign without mentioning financial planning - which has earned itself something of a dodgy reputation recently - and so turning off every viewer?

Rowan Smith and I came up with the idea of Connect Financial people being absolutely honest and trustworthy (which research showed they had a reputation for anyway).

Again, I like to think it’s a fresh way of looking at a very overworked subject. The client liked it so much we made three commercials instead of one.

The campaign line that I wrote for Connect Financial was “Life Changing”. It was successful in that it became well known throughout the State.

Campaign lines, end lines, strap lines, slogans, whatever you want to call them, are important, if only to sum up the most important thing about your company or product, the one thing the consumer will hopefully remember and take away. These are some of the ones I’ve written, many of which ran for quite a few years, and most of which became well known in their respective markets

Whatever you want, on a plate.

Life shouldn’t stop when your
period starts

You just can’t put it down.

If it’s not on, it’s not on.

Before you look to your future,
look to our past.