This Musso 4-wheel drive commercial was shot by one of Australia's top directors, John Marles, and it took no less than three shoots to get it on film. Twice it was rained off and the ground down in the Southern Highlands became so bogged, even the Mercedes-engine-we-couldn't-mention couldn't cope with the conditions. Cane, the famous Daewoo dog (RIP), barely stepped outside his custom-built, luxury Winnebago.

It was an expensive commercial (despite what was saved on weather insurance). It reminds me of the time an American advertising agency was shooting a commercial with British director, Tony Kaye, in California.


It involved a pig and, at one stage, the animal was so overcome by the heat it looked as if it might be about to trot off to the big sty in the sky. The very same day a limo suddenly appeared out of the shimmering heat of the desert, stopped, the window came down and a lawyer handed out his card with a curt, "I'm representing the pig." And drove off.

Now that should be the start of a real story.