Equitable Life

I had to work on this commercial by myself for some reason – which now escapes me – and it was a very painful process. After weeks in solitary, and in complete despair, I visited an art director friend down the corridor and went through all my ideas with him.

Immediately and without any hesitation, he

picked one of the very first ideas I’d come up with. Which just goes to show ... What, I have no idea.

The creative director, Paul Arden, loved the idea when I presented it to him, and told me just to go off and shoot it.

“Don’t tell the account people, don’t tell the client, just go and shoot it.”

This was the Eighties after all. Luckily, the client loved it, too.

The commercial drove the viewing public up the wall, but scored highly on recall and drummed up a lot of new business. I also wrote their end line:

Before you look to your future, look to our past

The company used it for years – right up until the time they went bankrupt. Yes, honestly.