I wrote about a dozen hard sell, retail commercials for this client, and “hundreds” of press ads. He was a great client, practically buying everything the agency did for him. This is my favourite retail commercial. It has the same hero we had in the other Granada commercials, and he became famous, along with his dog, throughout the UK.

The only negative about this commercial is that we concentrated on one price and shot the dialogue around this price, with both characters in frame. The client promised us, on his mother’s grave, that this would be the price we went to air with. Then, just to cover ourselves and just in case the price changed in the future, we shot additional price footage with just one character in frame.

And, yes, Murphy’s Law, the price changed before we went to air and the client’s mother turned in her grave. So there are more single person shots in the commercial than we wanted.

I did these commercials with a great art director, Richard Wilmot. Richard was a lovely bloke, but a bit of a conundrum. He had both the attention span and the enthusiasm of a two year old, and would frequently disappear without a word on agency nights out on the town, only to reappear the next morning fast asleep in a rubbish bin outside the agency front door.