The Independent Newspaper

This commercial ended up in the bin, before being rescued by the creative director, Paul Arden.

My art director and I were keener on another of our ideas we tried to sell to Paul - but it was probably too clever for him (he was never a great one for thinking. His talents were all instinctive. It was a running joke in the agency that he was always saying to me whenever he looked at one of my ideas: "Too logical, Peter. Too logical." I became known as "Too logical Peter.") So he asked if we had thought of anything else, and we told him about this idea. Immediately he ran off and sold it to the client.

Which is exactly what happened to one of Saatchi's most famous ads, "The Pregnant Man" for the Family Planning Institute: "Would you be more careful if it was you that became pregnant?"

Jeremy Sinclair, just a common-or-garden copywriter in those days, but later to become Creative Director of Saatchi's - and the best CD I have ever worked for - had all of his ideas turned down by Charles Saatchi, who then asked Jeremy if he'd thought of anything else.

"The Pregnant Man" ad was literally lifted out of the wastepaper basket and uncrumpled in front of the perceptive agency owner.

Back to The Independent. The end line, sadly, is not mine. Almost the whole creative group was sitting in the agency when they first won

the newspaper account, trying to come up with a line. It was going nowhere. The hours ticked by. Suddenly the door was thrown open and an account man peered in:

"Hey, you guys, what are you doing?"

Someone explained.

The account man, without missing a beat, just said:

"Why don't you say: 'The Independent. It is, are you?' "

Stunned silence.

Then the throwing of any object to hand at the rapidly retreating, uncomprehending figure in the doorway.