Pura Dairies

This is a real budget commercial, and it doesn’t show – well, not in my opinion.

It was even shot by my art director, Rowan Smith – who has since grown into a dab hand at shooting commercials, as well as art directing, running his own agency and writing songs.

We also did a great poster for Pura. The client wanted to say that all their milk was produced in Tasmania. So our award-winning idea was a headline,

"Pura milk is 100 per cent Tasmanian"

with a simple picture of a cow with Tasmanian tiger stripes across its back.

The client just loved it and promised to run it sometime in the future. When clients say that, forget it. It never happens. And sure enough, it has never happened: there was a national realignment of the account, and the idea, like the Tasmanian tiger, is now extinct.