Unicef and Leukaemia Research Fund.

The 1959 hit single by Barett Strong just about sums it up. “Money, that’s what I want.” The intention of the vast majority of advertising campaigns is to get consumers to reach into their pockets, to part with their hard-earned money for whatever it is on offer.

The difficulty with charity advertising is that there’s nothing on offer. People are asked to dig deep for purely altruistic reasons – to help kids, fund research, feed the starving or care for victims of a natural disaster. At best, all they can ever hope to receive in exchange is a nice warm glow.

Charity advertising therefore has to be outstanding, to make itself heard above the din of all the “consumer goods for money” offers. It has to be attention getting, appealing and motivating. If it isn’t, it will fail. It will never raise the funds necessary to help those who are less fortunate.


This UNICEF campaign included TV, press
and direct mail.

An award winning money raiser for the Leukaemia Research Fund.